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Beadboard Planks - MDF


We have recently introduced a new and improved beadboard plank 8" wide with three beads as compared to our old one with two beads per plank 5" wide. This reduces packaging costs and installation time on long walls and hallways. The length has remained unchanged at eight feet. As seen in the illustration below, we have carried over our trademark "deep bead" design. The picture clearly demonstrates the difference in the bead depth between the 3/8" thick Bayside plank (top), the 3/16" thick Cottage BeadBoard sheet (middle) and that the bottom, the typical beaded sheet available at most lumber yards.

With all that said, there are customers who like the look of the our old beadboard planks, rails or kits and still request it in order to match up to older projects. Any request may be filled, but it will require a little more time. Please call in to request old beadboard components.

What ever project that you can come up with, we have a full line of planks, sheets, rails and matching baseboards. Simply send in your drawings we'll be happy to help out.

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The new Beadboard in conjunction with our new Back-Band Casing embodies a style that combines both elegance and function along with ease of installation. This bigger Casing will allow you to install any of our Wainscot Kits without having to cut or bevel the ends when you get to a window or door.

Beadboard Planks - MDF

Beaded Shiplap Plank 8ft Beadboard Sample Pack - Interior
Beaded Shiplap Plank 8ft
Beadboard Sample Pack - Interior
Our price: US$ 10.89
Our price: US$ 15.00