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Beaded Sheets - Finished

Beadboard Sheets
Deep Beads give you the look of wood planking at a fraction of the cost.

Elite Trimworks offers white, paintable, pre-finished Beadboard Sheets which can be used for Back Splashes, Furniture or Wall Applications. The paintable, pre-finished Beadboard Sheets are available as part of our Cottage BeadBoard Kit or can be purchased individually for various applications. Our kits include everything you would require to finish the bottom half of an 8 foot wide wall including the Top Rail, Bottom Rail, Shoe Molding and the Beadboard, the kit components have been precision milled to fit together quickly so that you can save time and money while on the job site.

These Beadboard sheets are available pre cut to make shipping easier and more cost effective. All of our sheets are cross cut (vertically across the bead) from a larger 4' x 8' sheet with each newly cut sheet measuring 28.5" x 48" in total. The beads are 2" on centre and 3/16" thick.

If full size 4'x8' sheets are required, call us to make special shipping arrangements. At the present time, FedEx or UPS only allows us to send 28.5"H x 48"W panels. Whole sheets must be sent on a large skid using a Transport Truck which means that there is a much higher shipping cost; this type of shipment only makes sense if you plan to order 25 sheets or more.

If you have an application where 8' tall material is necessary, you may want to look at our Plank Beadboard options. The planks go together using a Ship Lap joint which means that each plank overlaps the last to create a seamless joint. The planks are available in both Paint Grade and Stain Grade (Oak, Maple and Cherry) materials and have a thickness of 3/8". The planks are ideal for smaller jobs that may not require the use of a full sheet of beadboard but still require the height of a full size sheet.

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Beaded Sheets - Finished

Board Cutting Fee White BeadBoard Panel 28.5" x 48" White BeadBoard Sheet 4' x 8' x 3/16" in a Paintable Finish
SKU: SB-28-5-48-316-W
SKU: SB-4x8-316-W
Board Cutting Fee
White BeadBoard Panel 28.5" x 48"
White BeadBoard Sheet 4' x 8' x 3/16" in a Paintable Finish
Our price: US$ 2.50
Our price: US$ 17.75
Our price: US$ 36.00





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