Extension for Recessed PVC Column

Extension for Recessed PVC Column

Extension for Recessed PVC Column

Everything you need to extend our Recessed PVC column by 12". This extension kits includes: one set of PVC recessed panel dividers, astragal trim to hide the seam as shown in the drawing and a 12" section of column shaft that matches your column perfectly. We typically replace the standard box cap with a four piece Georgian capital as shown on the first drawing.

Made specifically for easy UPS or Parcel Shipping, an amazing feature, as Parcel Shippers do not accept packages longer than 8 feet, this one-foot extension is the perfect alternative.  Today's new homes have nine-foot ceilings making this extension a popular product for us. This comes flat packed with a mitered edge for easy glue assembly. You will have enough glue and tape from the column cover to complete the installation.


The extension is 12” high and matches the thickness and outside dimensions of the column shaft ordered. The extension or the main shaft can easily be cut down on site to suit using a chop saw. Available for our 8 or 10 inch PVC Columns. Larger 12" by 8ft columns are too big to Parcel ship making this extension kits redundant.

Feet Per Length 1
Production Time Quick Ship
Shipping Cost*

*Limitations to Shipping Specials
Included with the column order.
Our price: US$ 38.00
Column Size
Cap Option

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