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Beaded Planks - Hardwood


Stain Grade Beadboard 4"x8" sheets have long been a popular product at Elite Trimworks in our local home market. As far as internet orders go, we noticed that sheets are incredibly difficult and expensive to ship unless they are ordered in large quantities. In volumes of 50 sheets or more transport trucking cost can average $500 per order, or $10 per sheet which is acceptable. There are those who are only looking for a few sheets. The maximum size panel that FedEX or UPS will deliver is 32" x 48".

We though we could solve this problem by cutting the sheets into smaller sections, but most customers wanted larger sheets or had installations that only required 3-4 sheets.

Here is our Solution! - Available Any where that UPS ships - Made to order.

Our design team and our suppliers got together and developed the all new Stain Grade Bayside Beadboard Planks. The planks solve various problems for both us, and our customers. They are easier to package for damage free delivery to your door. The planks are sold as 8 foot lengths that can be cut down on site to suit any job without the high cost of shipping.

Each Bayside Stain Grade Beadboard Plank is 96"H x 8"W x 3/8"D and is made using a veneered MDF core; we offer Oak, Maple, Walnut and Cherry. Each Plank has 4 Beads, each being 2" on center. Each plank also has a lip along one side for nailing; this is called a Ship Lap. During installation, the previously nailed plank lip is covered by the next plank. The beaded grooves are cut with a diamond tip cutter that leaves a perfectly smooth surface allowing each plank to blend seamlessly into the next. The veneer is cut perfectly revealing only a small portion of MDF which stains dark for a nice contrast between the face of the beadboard and the beads themselves.


Elite Trimworks does not offer Pre Stained products; each plank is unfinished but stain ready. We do not pre stain the products because there are too many variations available. It is far better to stain after the joints have been sanded and the pin holes are filled on site. If you have any questions regarding this product, ordering, sizing or design, please call or email us, our friendly staff will gladly help you.

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Beaded Planks - Hardwood

Hardwood Plank in Maple 8ft Hardwood Plank in Oak 8ft Hardwood Plank in Cherry 8ft.
Hardwood Plank in Maple 8ft
Hardwood Plank in Oak 8ft
Hardwood Plank in Cherry 8ft.
Our price: US$ 29.90
Our price: US$ 29.90
Our price: US$ 33.90





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