Plain Tapered PVC Post Wrap

Plain Tapered PVC Post Wrap

Plain Tapered PVC Post Wrap

Narrow, Tapered PVC Column 56" high, made to cover a 6 x 6 (actual size about 5 1/2 square) wooden support post. The Shaft is made from 1/2" thick PVC and is 9 7/8" at the bottom and 6 3/4" at the top, with the minimum opening being 5 3/4" square. The kit is shipped flat and packed with 2.5 oz. of PVC adhesive, tape, hardware, installation instructions and mounting cleats. The wrap comes with a Georgian Capital and Base (shown) which add approximately 3 1/2" to both the top and bottom footprint of the shaft. The optional Box (Shaker) Cap and Bas set adds only 1 1/4" to the shaft thickness. We recommend either the Box Base or Box Capital for applications that have limited space.

Tapered columns can easily be cut lower to suit on site. Remember, when cutting tapered columns, always cut from the bottom. The base will have to be cut to suit as well.

This is the same sized tapered column as used on our craftsman column wrap.

Weight 31.00 lbs
Production Time Quick Ship
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Our price: US$ 179.00

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