4" PVC Post Cover

4" PVC Post Cover

4" PVC Post Cover

4" PVC Post Cover, made to cover a 4x4 wooden post. Probably the best value you'll find online! The actual size is a true 5" x 5". This Column comes flat packed with adhesive, tape, and all the parts pre-cut for a Cap and Base (as shown). The Column shaft is made from 4 pieces of 1/2" thick PVC with a lock-mitered edge on all sides for easy glue assembly. The inside dimension is 4" square, which fits a 4 x 4 wooden posts well. For 6 X 6 wooden post, we suggest that you order the next size up. The cap and base is included and adds 1 1/4" inches to the thickness of the shaft making the foot print 6 1/4" square top and bottom.

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We make these hundreds at a time and we ship them out fast.

Weight 28.00 lbs
Feet Per Length 8
Production Time Quick Ship
Shipping Cost*

*Limitations to Shipping Specials
$25 per column per column 8 ft or less, for taller columns, all for transport quote.
Our price: US$ 69.00

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