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10/16 SHAKER Panel Tapered PVC Column Wrap

10/16 SHAKER Panel Tapered PVC Column Wrap

10/16 SHAKER Panel Tapered PVC Column Wrap

Shaker Panel, Tapered Square columns with crisp, clean lines.  These PVC column wraps are made to wrap around an existing post support, they are not load bearing. Being made with premium "Free Rise" cellular PVC, our wraps are quick and easy to install as well as lightweight, strong and paintable. They hold up to warping, shrinkage, decay, insects and they don't need to be painted.   The Shaft is made from ⅜" and 1/2” thick PVC glued together making the panels a total of ⅞" thick making this a very solid column. 


The Shaft is made from two layers of PVC totaling 7/8" thick.  These panels use lock mitre joints for easy assembly and are 15 1/2” at the bottom and 9 3/8" at the top, with the minimum opening being about 8” square.  

This column comes with a Georgian Capital and Base (shown) which adds approximately 4 ½" to both the top and bottom footprint of the shaft. The optional Box (Shaker) Cap and Base set adds only 1 ¼” to the shaft thickness. We recommend either the Box Base or Box Capital for applications that have limited space.

Total Footprint

Column Shaft only  10/16

Shaft with Georgian Cap / Base

Shaft with Box Cap / Base



13 ” 



15 ½” 


16 ¾”

The shaft is shipped in four easy to trim panels that are shipped flat. We include 3 oz. of PVC adhesive, tape, fastening hardware, mounting cleats and installation instructions. All you need is a chop saw and basic carpentry tools to install.

Tapered PVC Photo Gallery    Custom Sizing Form       How to Install


Available up to 12 feet tall, contact us for pricing and specifications.

As a no-cost option, we can make the column any height, just order the next size up. No need for accuracy more than 1/2” as the capital, which fits over the shaft can easily add 2” to the height of the column shaft.

A Tuscan cap and base set

This column can also be ordered as a pilaster to go up against a wall.

We can make these column in almost any size, call for pricing.

Weight 57.00 lbs
Production Time Made to order, 5-10 days plus transit time.
Shipping Cost*

*Limitations to Shipping Specials
For Columns 6ft and under: Free Shipping on orders over $500 or $49 flat rate. Call for transport shipping rate for taller columns.
Our price: US$ 349.00
Choose your Capital
Choose your Base

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