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6" V-Groove Plank - Shiplap

6" V-Groove Plank - Shiplap

6" V-Groove Plank - Shiplap

One length of our 6" V-Grooved Shiplap Plank, extra wide in primed ready to paint MDF, 3/8" thick by 5 3/4" wide. This is our 3rd variation of this the profile, in late 2010, we kept the trim the same size but made the "V" groove deeper and wider than ever.

Available in 8 foot or 16 foot lengths. Each 8ft plank covers 3.67 square feet and the 16-foot covers approximately 7.67  square feet.  These are often used in conjunction with our Beadboard Lower Rail makes the perfect accent wall. Alternatively, this plank may also be used for ceilings. We also offer Beadboard Beams and Plate Shelves or build your own on site.

The 8-foot lengths are more economical UPS shipping. If you are using for ceilings, we recommend that you use shorter planks, space joins randomly and bevel the edges just like hardwood flooring. Keep in mind that 16-foot material can only be shipped by transport truck; the maximum length that UPS can deliver is 8 feet.

Weight 6.00 lbs
Feet Per Length 8 ft. or 16 ft.
Production Time Quick Ship
Shipping Cost*

*Limitations to Shipping Specials
Call for a Transport or UPS shipping quote.
Our price: US$ 7.90

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