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Columns, Interior

Decorative Wood Columns
Wood is Considered the Best Choice for Interior Columns For Homes

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At Elite Trimworks, our attention to detail and devotion to the classical orders are absolute. Due to the standards of our workmanship, we produce columns to meet your individual uses and needs. We closely control the quality and preciseness of entasis, projections and profiles of all our columns.

Our interior wood columns can be used purely for decorative purposes or for their structural load bearing capabilities. Our wood decorative columns are true to the orders most prominent architects and builders are looking for. Many standard design columns are available for corner accents, massive exterior supports, lolly columns and much more.

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Round, Wood, Tapered

Both load bearing and decorative. Available smooth or fluted and can be split.

Round, Wood, Non-Tapered

For Contemporary Style Decorating, Load bearing as well.

Round, Stain Grade Poplar, Oak, Maple, Cherry

Available fluted and are both load bearing and decorative.

Square, Smooth/Fluted Paint Grade Wood

Available fluted and are both load bearing and decorative.

Square Recessed Panel

In paint grade to match our Wall, Flat and Raised wainscoting.

Square, Stain Grade

Fluted or Smooth, they range in width from 6" to 12" and from 6 to 12 ft high. Call for custom sizes.

Pilaster Paneled / Fluted

Generally used to separate rooms that share common walls or to add vertical separation on a wall.

Pilasters, Stain Grade Hardwood

We do custom orders of any size, a pilaster is simply a square column cut in half.

Craftsman, Wood Columns
MDF or Stain Grade

Choose for our standard or custom sizes.

Lolly Columns

More choices than ever! An attractive alterative to drywall either round or square.

Interior Capitols & Bases

Made specifically for wood column shafts.

Columns How To

Helpful tips, specifications and installation advice on how to install columns.

Columns, Interior

Wood Column Hardware Kit
Wood Column Hardware Kit
Our price: US$ 3.95





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